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dc.contributor.authorManar Fawzi Bani Mfarrej
dc.contributor.authorMaryam Mohamed Alnuaim
dc.identifier.issnISSN Online: 2151-7525
dc.identifier.otherISSN Print: 2151-7517
dc.description.abstractRadiation is part of the earth’s natural process. Natural radiation occurs on a daily basis in different ways and through different mediums. Artificial radiation also occurs in different ways. This study acknowledges that radiation has adverse effects on populations if the necessary steps are not taken to control its exposure. The main focus of this study was to establish the factors contributing to radiation exposure and control measures in hospitals in the UAE. The area of focus was in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The methods used in the study were a descriptive survey design and questionnaires as the data collection method. The data was collected from a sample size of 10 hospitals in Abu Dhabi. The study found out that some hospitals in Abu Dhabi, the UAE, have adequate control measures to handle radiation, while some had inadequate control measures. Also, the study found out that facility design and the presence/absence of control measures in hospitals played a crucial role in establishing the level of exposure to radiation and control. Certainly, radiation exposure in hospitals in the UAE has been a subject of much discussion and deliberation because of the effects associated with it, thus it is instrumental for effective control measures to be set in place to prevent and regulate such effects. The strengths of the study were the capacity to collect data from specialists in radiology and the principal heads of radiology departments from hospitals in Abu Dhabi. Particularly, this was fundamental in the collection of credible data for the study. However, the limitation of the study is that the views and opinions of other stakeholders were overlooked in the study. For instance, the views of patients and how radiation has affected them were overlooked in the study because the study focused on heads of radiology departments from the sample population only.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipRadiation refers to the energy or particles from a source and travels through space or any other medium. Ionizing radiation refers to the energy released by atoms as electromagnetic waves or particles 4. Radioactivity processes are part of the earth, there are naturally occurring radioactive materials in the earth’s crust, homes, schools, offices and hospitalsen_US
dc.subjectArtificial Radiationen_US
dc.subjectDescriptive Survey Designen_US
dc.subjectUnited Arab Emiratesen_US
dc.titleRadiology exposure and control in UAEen_US

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