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dc.contributor.authorPankaj K. Jhaa
dc.contributor.authorHichem Eleuchc
dc.contributor.authorFabio Graziosod
dc.descriptionJha, P. K., Eleuch, H., & Grazioso, F. (2014). Ultra-short strong excitation of two-level systems. Optics Communications, 331, 198-203.en_US
dc.description.abstractWe present a model describing the use of ultra-short strong pulses to control the population of the excited level of a two-level quantum system. In particular, we study an off-resonance excitation with a fewcycles pulse which presents a smooth phase jump i.e. a change of the pulse's phase which is not steplike, but happens over a finite time interval. A numerical solution is given for the time-dependent probabilityamplitude of the excited level. The control of the excited level's population is obtained acting on the shape of the phase transient, and other parameters of the excitation pulse.en_US
dc.subjectUltra­short Strong Pulsesen_US
dc.subjectFew cyclesen_US
dc.subjectPhase jumpen_US
dc.subjectTwo-level systemsen_US
dc.titleUltra-short strong excitation of two-level systemsen_US

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