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dc.contributor.authorCao E, A.
dc.contributor.authorZuburtikudis, Ioannis
dc.contributor.authorGavriilidis, A
dc.descriptionCao, A. E., Zuburtikudis, I., & Gavriilidis, A. (2012, September). Oxidation of Rosalva to Costenal on Silver Catalyst in Microstructured Reactors. In submitted and accepted for oral presentation in ISCRE 22 (International Symposium of Chemical Reaction Engineering) (pp. 2-5).
dc.description.abstractOxidation of rosalva (9-decen-1-ol) to costenal (9-decen-1-al) was carried out in silicon-glassmicroreactors on silver catalysts at the temperature range 420-475°C. Reactors with increasedsurface area where silver was deposited were employed with a view to enhance reactionperformance. The results showed a significant improvement of the reaction with silverdeposited on porous silicon surface. Rosalva conversion increased from 8-35% on non-poroussilicon to 67-95% on porous silicon under the same reaction conditions (rosalva:O 2 :He=1:3:57, residence time=20 ms). Selectivity to costenal higher than 95% was also achieved
dc.titleOxidation of Rosalva to Costenal on Silver Catalyst in Microstructured Reactors‏en_US

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