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dc.contributor.authorLafquih, Hind
dc.contributor.authorElhaq, Saad Lissane
dc.contributor.authorKrimi, Issam
dc.contributor.authorBerquedich, Mouna
dc.identifier.citationLafquih, H., Elhaq, S. L., Krimi, I., & Berquedich, M. (2021). Modeling and analysis of a quality traceability framework for phosphate extraction process: evidence from Morocco. International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management.en_US
dc.description.abstractPurpose According to United Nations reports, the worldwide population is expected to reach around 9.6 billion by 2050. This forecasting emphasizes the role of phosphate-based fertilizers for developing sustainable agriculture and ensures the demand all over the planet. From this perspective, phosphate companies are racing to improve their industrial performance and guarantee the quality, reliability and integrity of information efficiently. The purpose of this paper is to propose a traceability system framework that ensures product quality tracing and real-time operations monitoring for open-pit mines. Design/methodology/approach The authors develop a hybrid approach that integrates Business Process Model and Notation techniques with System Modeling Language to formalize several use cases and scenarios to model quality traceability processes related to open-pit mines. This framework also embeds an optimization module based on mathematical modeling approaches to optimize stockpiles’ movement and respect the distinction between different qualities. Findings This paper explains a successful implementation of a quality traceability tool for an African mining company. The research team was able to understand and scale down the problem faced by the managers. Further, the study is focused on improving quality tracing over time and automatizing the current compliance processes related to the mine extraction activities. The proposed tool is proved highly effective in reducing the time of tracing quality claims by 46% compared with the manual procedure. Second, the implementation of this tool reduced fuel costs by 34% and CO2 emissions by 10%. Originality/value The originality of the contributions lies in four aspects: (1) adapting quality traceability concept for the mining industry; (2) assessing the current trends of traceability systems considering the mining industry context; (3) hybridizing business processes re-engineering, quality system and optimization modeling; and (4) using a real case study of a phosphate company to evaluate the framework.en_US
dc.publisherEmerald Publishing Limiteden_US
dc.subjectDigital qualityen_US
dc.subjectOpen pit mineen_US
dc.subjectSystem modellingen_US
dc.subjectBusiness process modellingen_US
dc.titleModeling and analysis of a quality traceability framework for phosphate extraction process: evidence from Moroccoen_US
dc.title.alternativeInternational Journal of Quality & Reliability Managementen_US

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