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dc.contributor.authorAbu Jadayil, Wisam
dc.contributor.authorAl Naber, Manar
dc.identifier.citationJadayil, W. A., & Al Naber, M. (2015). Experimental investigation of tensile properties of Ni-Ti samples prepared by different techniques. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, 10(6), 15651-15659.en_US
dc.description.abstractNi-Ti alloys have been given a lot of attention mainly for their innovative use in practical medical applications. These motives led to understand deformation mechanisms, particularly tensile fracture behaviors. In this research, tensile properties will be investigated for different composition Ni-Ti alloy samples. Ni-Ti samples were prepared in different techniques with different compositions and subjected to different tensile loading. Sand casting was found to be the best technique for preparing Ni-Ti samples, where Ni-Ti samples prepared by this technique showed best tensile behavior compared to samples prepared by other techniques. Furthermore, it was found that as the percentage of Ni is increasing in the Ni-Ti samples, as their tensile strength is improving. Even though, the ductility of Ni-Ti samples with high Ni percentage is reduced.en_US
dc.subjectNi-Ti Alloyen_US
dc.subjectNondestructive techniquesen_US
dc.titleExperimental Investigation of Tensile Properties of Ni-Ti Samples Prepared By Different Techniquesen_US
dc.title.alternativeJournal articleen_US

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