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    • Quantifying the changes of soil surface microroughness due to rainfall impact on a smooth surface 

      K. B. Abban, Benjamin; Papanicolaou, A. N. (Thanos); P. Giannopoulos, Christos; C. Dermisis, Dimitrios; M. Wacha, Kenneth; G. Wilson, Christopher; Elhakeem, Mohamed (Copernicus Publications, 2017)
      This study examines the rainfall-induced change in soil microroughness of a bare smooth soil surface in an agricultural field. The majority of soil microroughness studies have focused on surface roughness on the order ...
    • Soil Aquifer Treatment System Design Equation for Organic Micropollutant Removal 

      Elhakeem, Mohamed; A.M., Abdel Sattar; H., Bonakdari (Springer, 2017)
      Rapid population growth and mass migration from rural to urban centers have contributed to a new era of water sacristy, and a significant drop in per capita freshwater availability, resulting in the reuse of wastewater ...