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    • Parkinson’s disease hand tremor detection system for mobile application 

      Fraiwan, Luay; Khnouf, Ruba; Mashagbeh, Abdel Razaq (Taylor and Francis Online, 2016-03-15)
      Parkinson’s disease currently affects millions of people worldwide and is steadily increasing. Many symptoms are associated with this disease, including rest tremor, bradykinesia, stiffness or rigidity of the extremities ...
    • Predicting Preterm Delivery Based on Wavelet Packet Analysis of a Single Electrohysterography Channel 

      Fraiwan, Luay (American Scientific Publishers, 2016-10)
      Predicting preterm delivery is of great importance as it can help to avoid certain medical complications and increase the chance of survival for the newborn. This work presents a new method to predict the possibility of ...
    • Voiceless Arabic vowels recognition using facial EMG 

      Fraiwan, Luay; Lweesy, Khaldon; Nemrawi, Ayat Al-; Addabass, Sondos; Saifan, Rasha (Springer, 2011-07)
      This work attempts to recognize the Arabic vowels based on facial electromyograph (EMG) signals, to be used for people with speech impairment and for human computer interface. Vowels were selected since they are the most ...