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dc.contributor.authorTriantafyllou, AG
dc.contributor.authorPatra, A
dc.contributor.authorZuburtikudis, Ioannis
dc.identifier.citationTriantafyllou, A. G., Patra, A., Zuburtikoudis, I., Pavlidis, A., Vosniakos, F., & Zoumakis, N. (2001). An analysis of atmospheric pollutants concentration in urban area in Greece. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 10(7), 615-619.en_US
dc.description.abstractIn this study continuous concentration measurements of atmospheric pollutants for a 3 year period are analyzed. These measurements have been carried out in the central area of Kozani (down town Kozani), the largest city of West Macedonia, a region in Northern Greece. Specifically, the yearly, monthly, weekly and diurnal variation in concentrations of sulfur dioxide (SO sub(2)), nitrogen oxides (NO, NO sub(2)), ozone (O sub(3)) and PM10 (particles with diameter < 10 mu m) are presented and the possible causes for these variations are discussed. Based on the data analysis an attempt is made to provide useful information about the air quality levels taking into account international air quality standards.en_US
dc.subjectUrban Areaen_US
dc.subjectsulfur dioxideen_US
dc.titleAn analysis of atmospheric pollutants concentration in urban area in Greeceen_US
dc.title.alternativeFresenius Environmental Bulletinen_US

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