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dc.contributor.authorZamberi syed, Ahmad
dc.identifier.citationAhmad, S. Z. (2015). Evaluating student satisfaction of quality at international branch campuses. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 40(4), 488-507.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe aim of this research is to present the determinants of students’ perceptions of quality and experience of study at international branch campuses in Malaysia, a country that is set to become an academic hub in Asia. This study used a multi-method approach for data collection. The respondents comprised 245 students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) from six renowned international branch campuses operating in the country – three from Australia, two from the UK and one from India. In addition, a total of 21 face-to-face interviews were conducted after the survey. The results revealed that across the seven dimensions examined concerning education and non-education qualities – university reputation/image, programme quality, lecturers and teaching quality, student learning environment, effective use of technology, counselling and academic advising support, and social life (direct/indirect) facilities – the students were largely satisfied. The paper adds to the existing body of research on higher education service quality, particularly on students’ perceptions and expectations of international branch campuses.en_US
dc.subjectForeign universitiesen_US
dc.subjectinternational branch campusesen_US
dc.subjectService qualitysatien_US
dc.subjectRansnational higher educationen_US
dc.titleEvaluating student satisfaction of quality at international branch campusesen_US
dc.title.alternativeAssessment & Evaluation in Higher Educationen_US

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