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dc.contributor.authorEltayeb, A Bushra
dc.contributor.authorMfarrej, Manar Fawzi Bani
dc.contributor.authorElhassam, M. Abdeleleah
dc.contributor.authorSuliman, E. Emadeldin
dc.descriptionEltayeb,& Mfareej (2019). Assessment Of Public And Environmental Health Effects Of Wad Medani City Landfill, Gezira State, Sudan.en_US
dc.description.abstractWad Madani city produces about 300 tonnes of solid waste per day consisting of household, public streets, markets, factories and medical waste. These quantities of produced wastes used to be collected without any classification or segregation and transferred to be disposed of in the dumping site without any scientific treatment. The study was conducted in Wad Madani city landfill, Gezira State, Sudan to assess and analyze the expected public and environmental health effects resulting from the processing of the waste final disposal. The study adopted several scientific methods including laboratory analysis of soil and water samples in the landfill area, questionnaire, interviews and observation method. The statistical package for the social sciences programme (SPSS) was used in data analysis. Water samples were also taken from two sites near the landfill (drinking water tank and a farm well). Two soil samples were taken from the landfill area as well. A questionnaire designed targeting the people residing near the landfill (391 people). Water analysis showed the presence of Escherichia coli bacteria in the first water sample taken from the water tank. The results of soil analysis showed an excessive alkaline appearance in the soil of the landfill. The household wastes used to be mixed with biomedical wastes produced by hospitals, health centers and medical laboratories in the city. The study showed the presence of allergic and respiratory diseases among the residence due to the exposure to the emitted gases from the direct burning of wastes at the site. Finally, referring to our site visits, there was an intensive outbreak of many pests (rodents, ockroaches and house flies).en_US
dc.publisherkalpana Corporationsen_US
dc.subjectSolid wasteen_US
dc.subjectE. colien_US
dc.subjectEmitted gasesen_US
dc.titleAssessment Of Public And Environmental Health Effects Of Wad Medani City Landfill, Gezira State, Sudanen_US

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