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dc.contributor.authorCherian, Jacob
dc.descriptionCherian, J, Jacob (2006). Use of semantic scale in research of publishing business. MEPA Journal, 5(5), pp 5-6,en_US
dc.description.abstractA common feature of marketing research is the attempt to have respondents communicate their feelings, attitudes, and evaluations Some measurable form„ To this end, marketing researchers have developed u range of Scales, Each Of these unique properties. What is the important for the marketing analyst to realize is that they have widely differing measurement properties, Some scales are at very best, limited in mathematical properties to that they can only establish an association between variables, Other scales have more extensive mathematical properties and some; hold out the possibility of establishing cause and effect relationships between variables,en_US
dc.subjectSemantic Scalesen_US
dc.subjectMathematical propertiesen_US
dc.titleUse of semantic scale in research of publishing businessen_US

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