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dc.contributor.authorMfarrej, Manar Fawzi Bani
dc.descriptionBani Mfarrej, M. (2011). Characterization of Organophosphate Pesticides in the Agricultural Community:Indian Journal of Environmental Protection (IJEP). Kalpana Corporation Vol. 39, No. 4: 339-344.en_US
dc.description.abstractOrganophosphates are widely used as insecticides in agriculture and they are known to be a cause of poisoning. Organophosphates works by blocking the pathway for the enzyme acetyl cholinesterase leading to cause respiratory and nervous disruption or damage which in turns result in the insects’ death.Organophosphates are highly toxic chemicals and they are considered among the Environmental Protection Agency’s main priority group to be reviewed under the Food Quality Protection Act. This research review highlights the use of organophosphate pesticides and their link with different toxic effects on the human health. The research focused on the contamination in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Emirates Ministry of Environment and Water in the UAE analyzed a total number of 8245 commodities samples to test the percentage of organophosphate pesticide they contain. The results showed that samples included organophosphate above the maximum residual level (MRL). Case studies were reviewed and results were discussed. Recommendations from this research review could help to change from chemical activities used in agriculture field to more friendly methods in term of sustainable agriculture.en_US
dc.publisherKalpana Corporationen_US
dc.subjectAcetyl cholinesteraseen_US
dc.subjectMaximum residual level (MRL)en_US
dc.titleCharacterization of organophosphate pesticides in the agricultural community :A qulaitative researchen_US

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