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dc.contributor.authorSharaf, Naim
dc.contributor.authorJbara, Abu
dc.contributor.authorMfarrej, Manar Fawzi Bani
dc.descriptionSharaf, N. (2008). Bioecology and control of capnodis spp. (coleoptera buprestidae) in irbid governorate, jordan : Handbook. Amman: University of Jordan.en_US
dc.description.abstractThis book comes to illustrate and explain the field experiments conducted in to study the bioecology and control of Capnodis spp. In Irbid Governorate, Jordan. The experiment identified four species of capnodis, and established the pictorial key for the identified species. This book is considered helpful to scientists and students as the C.carbonaria has been determined to the most economic important species because of its wide distribution, and the expanded cultivation of its host.en_US
dc.publisherAmman : University of Jordanen_US
dc.subjectFruit Diseases and pests Controlen_US
dc.subjectPests Identificationen_US
dc.subjectField guidesen_US
dc.titleBioecology and control of Capnodis spp. (Coleoptera Buprestidae) in Irbid governorate, Jordan : handbooken_US

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