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dc.contributor.authorShaat, M.
dc.contributor.authorAbdelkefi, A.
dc.descriptionShaat, M., & Abdelkefi, A. (2015). Pull-in instability of multi-phase nanocrystalline silicon beams under distributed electrostatic force. International Journal of Engineering Science, 90, 58-75.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe effects of the material structure on the pull-in instability of nano-actuated beams made of nanocrystalline silicon (Nc–Si) and subjected to a distributed electrostatic force are investigated. Nc–Si is represented as a multi-phase material composed of nano-sized grains, nano voids, and an amorphous-like interface to consider the effects of the interface, grain size, porosity, and the inhomogeneities surface energies on the elastic properties of the composite material. To this end, a size-dependent micromechanical model is developed for multi-phase materials considering the inhomogeneities surface energy effects. An atomic lattice model is also proposed to estimate the elastic modulus of the interface of NcMs. Due to the intensive decrease in the beam’s size, the effects of the grain rotations on the beam strain energy and hence on its rigidity are captured and represented using the modified couple stress theory. Considering all these effects and using Euler–Bernoulli beam theory, the governing equation is derived. A finite difference-based solution is used to determine the pull-in voltage of the actuated beams. A parametric study is then performed to reveal the effects of the porosity, interface, surface energy, and grain rotations on the pull-in instability behavior of actuated nano-beams.en_US
dc.subjectActuated beamsen_US
dc.subjectNano-structured materialsen_US
dc.subjectNanocrystalline siliconen_US
dc.subjectPull-in voltageen_US
dc.subjectModified couple stress theoryen_US
dc.titlePull-in instability of multi-phase nanocrystalline silicon beams under distributed electrostatic forceen_US
dc.title.alternativeInternational Journal of Engineering Scienceen_US

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