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dc.contributor.authorOkasha, Nader M.
dc.contributor.authorFrangopol, Dan M.
dc.descriptionOkasha, N. M., & Frangopol, D. M. (2010). Advanced modeling for efficient computation of life-cycle performance prediction and service-life estimation of bridges. Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, 24(6), 548-556.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe rapid progress in computational hardware and software has brought about advanced capabilities enabling more accurate modeling of structures and better understanding of their lifetime behavior. Unfortunately, research in life-cycle performance prediction and service-life estimation of bridges has not fully caught up with the impressive advances in today’s technology, and has not taken enough advantage of the power offered by these advances. In this paper, a computational methodology for the life-cycle prediction and service-life estimation of bridges using advanced modeling tools and techniques is presented. The methodology employs incremental nonlinear finite element analyses, quadratic response surface modeling using design of experiments concepts, and Latin hypercube sampling, among other techniques. The methodology is illustrated on an existing bridge in the state of Wisconsin.en_US
dc.publisherAmerican Society of Civil Engineersen_US
dc.subjectLife cycleen_US
dc.subjectService lifeen_US
dc.subjectFinite elementen_US
dc.subjectResponse surfaceen_US
dc.titleAdvanced Modeling for Efficient Computation of Life-Cycle Performance Prediction and Service-Life Estimation of Bridgesen_US
dc.title.alternativeJournal of Computing in Civil Engineeringen_US

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