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dc.contributor.authorFethi A. Rabhi
dc.contributor.authorHairong Yu
dc.contributor.authorFeras T. Dabous
dc.contributor.authorSunny Y. Wu
dc.identifier.issnPrint 1617-9846
dc.descriptionRabhi, F. A., Yu, H., Dabous, F. T., & Wu, S. Y. (2007). A service-oriented architecture for financial business processes. Information Systems and E-Business Management, 5(2), 185-200.en_US
dc.description.abstractRecent years have witnessed a tremendous growth in information and communication technologies that facilitate the design and implementation of complex inter-enterprise business processes. One of the major innovations is the concept of service-oriented architectures which considers software systems as being made up with autonomous, dynamic, loosely coupled and service-based components. This paper describes an attempt to automate financial business processes by utilizing a number of basic and composite services. As a case study, the paper describes the implementation of a realistic business process that is related to simulating a trading strategy in capital markets. An evaluation of the appropriateness of service-oriented architectures is conducted taking into account a number of factors such as flexibility, performance and development costs.en_US
dc.subjectService-Oriented Architectureen_US
dc.subjectTrading strategyen_US
dc.subjectCapital marketen_US
dc.subjectWeb servicesen_US
dc.subjectBusiness processesen_US
dc.subjectFinancial applicationen_US
dc.titleA service-oriented architecture for financial business processesen_US
dc.identifier.doiOn line 1617-9854

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