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dc.contributor.authorM. Hilk
dc.contributor.authorEleuch, Hichem
dc.descriptionHilke, M., & Eleuch, H. (2017). Anderson Localization for Very Strong Speckle Disorder. Annalen der Physik, 529(9), 1600347.en_US
dc.description.abstractWe evaluate the localization length of the wave (or Schr¨odinger) equation in the presence of a disordered speckle potential. This is relevant for experiments on cold atoms in optical speckle potentials. We focus on the limit of large disorder, where the Born approximation breaks down and derive an expression valid in the “quasi-metallic” phase at large disorder. This phase becomes strongly localized and the effective mobility edge disappears.en_US
dc.subjectAnderson Localizationen_US
dc.subjectSpeckle potentialen_US
dc.subjectCorrelated Disorderen_US
dc.subjectMany‐body localizationen_US
dc.titleAnderson Localization for Very Strong Speckle Disorderen_US

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