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dc.contributor.authorEleuch, Hichem
dc.contributor.authorY. V. Rostovtsev
dc.descriptionEleuch, H., & Rostovtsev, Y. V. (2017). Reply to the comment by Alexander Moroz.
dc.description.abstractThe author of the Comment on “New analytic solution of Schr¨odinger’s equation” [1] analyzes the strength and weakness of the technique presented in [2]. In particular, he provides three issues that are related to the paper, Before turning to discussion on the issues raised in [1], let us clearly state here what, we believe, the main results of the paper are. Our approach is related to searching for a solution of the Schr¨odinger equation that describes the reflection of the wave from the arbitrary smooth potential. To some extent this is the extension of our results [3,4] into a space domain. Our major efforts [2] were directed into this issue. We believe that the description of the case that includes tunneling is also important, but our approach has been not oriented to be applied to that region. One of the major differences between our method and the JWKB one is that the JWKB method is a semi classical approximation that neglects the quantum Bohm potential. Our methods takes into account this potential (see eqs. (21)–(26) and the comment below in [2]).en_US
dc.titleReply to the Comment by Alexander Morozen_US

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