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dc.contributor.authorPaleologos, Evan K.
dc.contributor.authorNeuman, S. P
dc.contributor.authorO. Levin, S
dc.descriptionNeuman, S. P., Levin, O., Orr, S., Paleologos, E., Zhang, D., & Zhang, Y. K. (1993). Nonlocal representations of subsurface flow and transport by conditional moments. Computational Stochastic Mechanics, 451-473.
dc.description.abstractThis problem can be circumvented by either approximations (e.g., perturbation methods, Neumann series) or by numerical approximations, i.e., Monte Carlo simulations (MCS). Monte Carlo simulations (MCS) are used; however, MCS require ample computer power and CPU time [46,114,8889 Orr [114] describes and analyzes other difficulties and nonquantifiable uncertainty associated with MCS, particularly the generation of correlated random fields that are faithful to the geostatistical model, and simulations of flow in highly heterogeneous/erratic media. The geostatistical model provides the statistics of the parameters, particularly the permeability; in MCS, it provides the spatial distribution of parameter values for each realizationen_US
dc.publisherComputational Mechanics Publicationsen_US
dc.titleNon local Representations of Subsurface Flow and Transport by Conditional Momentsen_US

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