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dc.contributor.authorKamel El Hedhli
dc.contributor.authorJean-Charles Chebat
dc.contributor.authorM. Joseph Sirgy
dc.descriptionEl Hedhli, K., Chebat, J. C., & Sirgy, M. J. (2013). Shopping well-being at the mall: Construct, antecedents, and consequences. Journal of Business Research, 66(7), 856-863.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe study defines shopping well-being at the mall as a shopper's perceived impact of a shopping mall in contributing to satisfaction in important life domains resulting in a global judgment that the mall contributes significantly to one's overall quality of life. Particularly, the study puts forward six predictive factors of the retail mix as influencing shopping well-being: functionality, convenience, safety, leisure, atmospherics, and self-identification. Additionally, the study predicts that shopping well-being positively influences mall loyalty and positive word of mouth. A shopper survey conducted in two North-American shopping malls provides data testing several predictions of potential theoretical and managerial significances.en_US
dc.subjectShopping Mallen_US
dc.titleShopping well-being at the mall: Construct, antecedents, and consequencesen_US

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