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dc.contributor.authorYasemin Nielsen
dc.descriptionNielsen, Y. (2013). Building Sustainability into the UAE: ESTIDAMA. In AEI 2013: Building Solutions for Architectural Engineering (pp. 946-955).
dc.description.abstractEstidama, meaning sustainability in Arabic, is an initiative developed and promoted by the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC). The Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 Urban Master Plan includes sustainability as a core principle. The leadership of Abu Dhabi recognizes, however, that the unique cultural, climatic and economic development needs of the region require a more localized definition of sustainability, and they are progressing the principles and imperatives for sustainable development through Estidama, launched in 2008. A need was identified for planning, design, construction and operate sustainable developments taking into account the traditions embedded within the local culture on one hand and the strong climatic nature of the region on the other. Estidama’s main goal is preserving the physical and cultural identity of the region, while improving quality of life on four equal pillars of sustainability: Environmental, economic, social, and cultural. Estidama is put forward as not just regulations or a rating method, but a vision and a desire to achieve a sustainable way of life in the region. This study analyses the significance of the vision and strategic approach for sustainable development of the region, addressing the economic and environmental needs emphasizing regional social and cultural characteristics.en_US
dc.publisherAmerican Society of Civil Engineersen_US
dc.subjectSustainability, Estidama, Sustainable development.en_US
dc.titleBuilding Sustainability into the UAE: ESTIDAMAen_US

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