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dc.contributor.authorStamatina Hadjidema
dc.contributor.authorKonstantinos Eleftheriou
dc.descriptionHadjidema, S., & Eleftheriou, K. (2013). A search theoretic approach on environmental taxation under productive differentials: a note. International Advances in Economic Research, 19(2), 153-166.
dc.description.abstractA considerable amount of literature argues that environmental taxation fails to create a double-dividend outcome and leads to a trade-off between pollution levels and unemployment. In this paper, a simple search and matching model of labour market is developed where workers are characterized by heterogeneous productive abilities in order as to examine the impact of a pollution tax on employment. An attempt is made in order to determine the efficient level of taxation in the short run, dropping the assumption of free-entry (zero profits) of firms.en_US
dc.publisherSpringer USen_US
dc.titleA Search Theoretic Approach on Environmental Taxation under Productive Differentials: A Noteen_US

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