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dc.contributor.authorMostaque Ahmed Zebal
dc.contributor.authorSaber, Hussein M.
dc.descriptionMostaque Ahmed Zebal, Hussein M. Saber, (2014) "Market orientation in Islamic banks – a qualitative approach", Marketing Intelligence & Planning, Vol. 32 Issue: 4, pp.495-527en_US
dc.description.abstractPurpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore the nature of market orientation that exists in the Islamic financial institutions. The study further aims at identifying the antecedents and consequences of such market orientation. Design/methodology/approach – Considering the explorative nature, the study uses qualitative research approach, collecting data in words using in-depth interview technique, drawing sample from Islamic financial institutions of both Bangladesh and United Arab Emirates. Data were coded and categorized using inductive reasoning method and similar responses were identified from a prepared data matrix. The results were presented in a narrative way using simple frequency for the agreements and disagreements of respondents considering “street language” without being mediating the meaning of the responses. Findings – A different nature of market orientation called Islamic market orientation has been identified by the results of the study. The study identifies five elements (orientation on Islamic customer, orientation on information, orientation on integration, orientation on competition, and finally orientation on responsiveness) that embody the formation of Islamic market orientation. The study also identifies a different set of antecedents (attitude toward Islamic values, Islamic leadership, risk partaking, inter-relationships, government legislations, and management training) that are responsible for determining the extent of Islamic market orientation. The study further identifies a set of consequences (profitability, customer satisfaction and retention, gaining new customers, increase of employees’ team spirit and satisfaction, service quality improvement, increase of market share, and increase of work efficiency) when market-oriented behavior is being adopted by the Islamic financial institutions. Originlity/value – To the best of the knowledge of the authors of this study, the results offer a different kind of market orientation along with its antecedents and consequences which can be considered as completely original and unique.en_US
dc.publisherEmerald Group Publishing Limited 2014en_US
dc.subjectIslamic Bankingen_US
dc.subjectIslamic Bankingen_US
dc.subjectIslamic Financial Institutionsen_US
dc.subjectIslamic Market Orientationen_US
dc.subjectUnited Arab Emiratesen_US
dc.titleMarket orientation in Islamic banks – a qualitative approachen_US

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