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    • Analytical solution to position dependent mass Schro¨ dinger equation 

      Pankaj K. Jhaa; Eleuch, Hichem; Yuri V. Rostovtsevc (Taylor & Francis, 2011-02-08)
      Using a recently developed technique to solve the Schro¨ dinger equation for constant mass, we have studied the regime in which the mass varies with position, i.e. the position-dependent mass Schro¨ dinger equation (PDMSE). ...
    • Exact solutions of the position-dependent-effective mass Schrödinger equation 

      Abdalla, M. Sebawe; Eleuch, Hichem (2016-05-10)
      The position-dependent effective mass Schrödinger equation exhibiting a similar position dependence for both the potential and mass is exactly solved. Some physical examples are given for bound and scattering systems. ...
    • New analytic solution of Schrodinger’s equation 

      Eleuch, Hichem; Y. V. Rostovtsev (EPL, 2010-03)
      We obtain an analytic solution beyond adiabatic approximation by transferring the 1D Schr¨odinger equation into the Ricatti equation. Then we show that our solution is more accurate than JWKB approximation. The generalizations ...