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    • Influence of Relativistic Terms in the Spectra of Hydrogen Atom Highly Excited in an External Strong Magnetic Field. 

      M. A. Amdoun; Eleuch, Hichem (Dixie W Publishing Corporation, U. S. A., 2011-02-05)
      We present an umericalstudy for the relativistic effect of hydrogen atominpresence of a strong magnetic field. In particular we explore them an if estation of the quantum chaos taking into account the relativistic correction. ...
    • Lifetimes of atomic Rydberg states by autocorrelation function 

      H Jabri; Eleuch, Hichem; T Djerad (IOP Publishing, 2005)
      We have derived the autocorrelation function for the field emitted by a Rydberg atom in a micocavity weakly excited in the strong coupling regime and in the non-resonant case. We propose simple analytical expressions and ...
    • Rydberg Atoms and Autocorrelation Function 

      Eleuch, Hichem; Tahar Djerad (National Institute of Applied Science and Technology, 2002)
      Study of atomic Rydberg states and their interactions with electromagnetic eld is of current interest. Determination of their internal parameters such as oscillator strength and lifetimes are pertinent to diverse elds of ...