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    • Quantum fluctuations inside a microcavity with a pair of quantum wells: Linear regime 

      Eleuch, Hichem; H. Jabri (OSA Publishing, 2018)
      Quantum fluctuations of a system formed by two quantum wells inside a microcavity are investigated. The noisespectrum and the autocorrelation function are analyzed, and analytical expressions are derived. It is shown ...
    • Quantum model of emission in a weakly non ideal plasma 

      Eleuch, Hichem; N. Ben Nessib; R. Bennaceur (Springer-Verlag 2004, 2004-05-04)
      We present, in this work a simple analytical expression of line emission in weakly non ideal plasma using a simplified quantum model. This formalism allows to explain the variations of the line widths with the density in a ...
    • Rabi oscillations produced by adiabatic pulse due to initial atomic coherence 

      Anatoly A. Svidzinskya; Eleuch, Hichem; O. SCULLY, MARLAN (PubMed, 2016-12-21)
      If an electromagnetic pulse is detuned from atomic transition frequency by amount Δ > 1∕τ, where τ is the turn-on time of the pulse, then atomic population adiabatically follows the pulse intensity without causing Rabi ...