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    • An optical soliton pair among absorbing three-level atoms 

      Eleuch, Hichem; Bennaceur, Raouf (INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS PUBLISHING, 2003-07-28)
      The motion of a pair of solitons propagating through an absorbing three-level system in the lambda configuration is analysed. In the course of this analytic analysis, the existence condition for solitary wave pairs ...
    • Soliton propagation in an absorbing three-level atomic system 

      Eleuch, Hichem; D. Elser; R. Bennaceur (IOP Publishing, 2004-07-10)
      We present analytic results of soliton shapes propagating in an absorbing three-level atomic system in the lambda configuration which is excited by a CW field at the Stokes transition. We find analytic relations for the ...
    • Terahertz Wave Amplification in Stacked Graphene Layers 

      Qasymeh, Montasir (OSA Publishing, 2018)
      We propose a novel technique for terahertz amplification in optically pumped stacked graphene layers. The terahertz amplification is achieved through a down conversion process, which is enabled by generating a backward ...