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    • Multi-Scale Tree Classifier Based Support for Spirometry Diagnosis 

      Abdulhay, Enas; Fraiwan, Luay; Abu-Sharifa, Maher; Al-Jafri, Abobaker; Dqaaq, Ayman (American Scientific Publishers, 2017-12)
      Background: The assessment of pulmonary function by Spirometry is essential in the diagnosis and discrimination of respiratory disorders. However, successful spirometric investigation by a medical doctor necessitates a ...
    • Practical Investigation of an Acoustic Encoder 

      Al Kabi, Alia; Al-Khedher, Mohammad; Salahat, Mazouz (IFSA Publishing, S.L., 2011-03)
      In this work a trial has been made to explore the possibility of designing an acoustic speed encoder. In order to realize that a virtual open-end circular air tube was utilized to create a standing wave with a given frequency ...