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    • Modelling of Dapped-End Beams under Dynamic Loading 

      Syed, Zubair Imam; Esra Sami, Hejah,; Mohamed Osama Ahmed (Meghana Publications, 2017-05)
      The behavior of a reinforced concrete dapped-end beam under dynamic load is expected to vary from its behavior under static load. Although, many studies have been conducted on the performance of reinforced concrete rectangular ...
    • Root Cause of Reinforced Concrete Dapped-End Beams Failure 

      M. Aswin; Bashar S. Mohammed; M.S. Liew; Zubair Syed Imam (Research India Publications., 2015-01)
      The failure mode of 111 RC dapped-end beams are presented and evaluated. The 93.69% of the tested beams were failed in shear at the re-entrant corners of the dapped-end region. Although many strengthening methods have been ...
    • Shear Failure of RC Dapped-End Beams 

      Aswin, Muhammad; Mohammed, Bashar S.; Liew, M. S.; Syed, Zubair Imam (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2015)